The ScanStand is here!

Finally, an affordable book-scanning solution!

  The problem:

You want to scan your library to reduce its bulk or preserve it for the next generation.  Or maybe you'd like to read your books from your Kindle or Android, or iPhone!  Then you find out scanning just ONE PAGE can take one to two minutes with an ordinary scanner.  Let's see, what's 2 minutes times 300 pages?

The solution -- ScanStand! 

Lowest cost OCR and book preservation.

Click HERE for images of the ScanStand!

Brief  VIDEO  (.mp4) of  ScanStand workflow. 

Take a look at our Great Results!

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The details:

  • Use your existing camera!
  • Scan page with ScanStand:  1 second
  • Scan page with scanner:  2 to 3 minutes
  • Preserve books even if they must go
  • Carry your entire library on a CD or DVD
  • Change book fonts to be large and readable
  • Easily select passages to quote in emails

This is the actual photograph made on ScanStand  This is the same photo in OCR software  This is the actual result in flow mode 


You may download the eBook made from this scan in .epub format!  (Don't just click on this link;  RIGHT-click it and select "save as":  EPUB.)

If you don't already have ebook-reading software get Calibre.  It's free, and it's the best.


Buy SCANSTAND!  Price $89.99 plus $12.50 shipping and handling.  The SCANSTAND will be shipped to you partially assembled with nothing left to do but drive a few screws into threaded holes.  Click PayPal link below to buy now!  (Or email to inquire about other methods of payment.)


Delivery within 7 days;  we ship by best method.
Key reasons to buy the SCANSTAND:
  -Absolutely minimal, simple assembly.
  -NON-GLARE acrylic flattening cover.
-Fits all cameras, point-and-shoot to full-sized DSLRs.
  -Easily adaptible to using flash.
  -With cable release, NO motion blur.
  -Book fixed to platen - every image will
    use same OCR mask.
Click "Buy Now" to purchase with PayPal, or with any major credit card!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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