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In Memoriam:  The Cambridge High and Latin School

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The old Latin School building, 1898 - 1980:

A bit of history!

The top photograph (left) of the old Latin School Building, though labeled 1886, must necessarily have been made later, since the building did not exist before 1898, when it was erected beside the English High School building (dating from 1892). 1886 dates the founding of the Latin School, which was from 1892-1898 conducted in the former High School building on Fayette Street. The view in the upper photo is from the corner of Trowbridge Street and Broadway. The English High School building is shown immediately to the right of the Latin School. Students who attended public secondary school in Cambridge (and who were not Rindge students) after 1910 found the two buildings joined into a new school known as the Cambridge High and Latin School (CHLS).

The lower photo at left shows the old Latin School building as it stood in the nineteen sixties and prior to the merger of CHLS with Rindge Technical School in 1977 to form the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS). The CHLS buildings were gradually retired from use and finally demolished in 1980. Only the entryway arch remains, offering admission to a pleasant open park.

At top is a nicely-colorized picture of the Cambridge Latin School beside the Cambridge English High School before 1910 when the two were joined into CHLS. At bottom is the former Latin School Building as it stood until 1980. Here is an 1892 architectural design for the Cambridge English High School. The Cambridge Latin School was constructed in similar architectural style.

The Cambridge Rindge and Latin School continues in operation to this day. It is the bearer of a long and proud tradition of public education in Cambridge.


brief timeline of the Cambridge High and Latin School

Wikipedia Article



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