Translation - Doppelgänger - Doppelganger - Doppelgaenger Der Doppelganger
English Translation
Der Doppelgänger
  ("The Spirit Double")
by Heinrich Heine - English Translation by Leon Malinofsky
Adapted for music by Franz Schubert

Still is the night, it quiets the streets down
In that window my love would appear
She's long since gone away from this town
But this house where she lived still remains here.

A man stands here too, staring up into space
And wrings his hands with the strength of his pain
It chills me, when I behold his pale face
For the moon shows me my own features again!

You spirit double, you specter with my face
Why do you mock my love-pain so
That tortured me here, here in this place
So many nights, so long ago?

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