Schäfers Klagelied  (The Shepherd's Lament) - Goethe


I've stood there upon that mountain
A thousand times, I know,
Bent over on my old sheep-crook
And watching the valley below.

I follow the wandering sheep flock,
My little dog guards them for me.
I come down here along with them,
Though how, I still cannot see.

The meadow is blowing with flowers
Of every beautiful hue.
I break them now without knowing
Who I should give them to.

And rain, and storm and the thunder
I weather under the tree.
The door over there remains closed now--
It seems like I'm dreaming to me.

And over there stands a rainbow
Above the house today!
But she has gone away now
So far in the land away.

Far out in the land and farther,
Perhaps way over the sea.
Go on now, my small sheep, go on now!
How sad your shepherd can be.

Translation by Leon Malinofsky

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